Secret Gunpowder Mills Help Continental Army

All you need is a spark and some powder…

In the 18th century a cannon could not have been fired without gunpowder. Nor a musket ball discharged without gunpowder and a pistol was no more than a poor hammer without gunpowder.

After the French and Indian war there was little use for gunpowder except for hunting wild game for the dinner table or defending against Indian raids.

In order for the Continental Army to pursue a war against the British they would need far greater quantities of gunpowder than could be provided by the local makers in each state. That meant importing from foreign countries. This was a most difficult task since the ruling British Navy made great efforts to stop any ships from entering American ports.

Some ships did succeed, but the supply from places like the Stocking family factory in Glastonbury, Connecticut, was often the only way for nearby troops to defend themselves.

The Continental Army had several secret gunpowder factories in Connecticut during the American Revolution.


The Stocking family’s gunpowder mill was on Roaring Brook. George Stocking Sr. and his four sons ran the mill and George Sr.’s wife helped deliver the gunpowder to the outskirts of Boston and New York City to help arm Continental soldiers.

You can learn more about the Stockings and secret gunpowder mills in Submarines, Secrets & a Daring Rescue –





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