Mickey Mantle’s Hunting Tale

Mickey Mantle’s Hunting Tale retells the humorous story Mickey and Billy Martin told in bars and on national television to the guffaws of thousands of fans. The surprise ending is fantastic. Enjoy the read! Billy Martin did such a good job managing the Texas Rangers one year that they gave him a brand new rifle. So […]

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Here’s a little story I wrote for my daughter when she was little. I hope it makes you smile.  Rob Kirsten was tired, so very tired, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She tried everything she could think of- Counting backwards from one hundred and even counting sheep. But nothing seemed to work. She was still […]


That Darn Tic!

True story. The names have been changed to protect the ridiculous. My friend Jacob has a crazy wife Michelle—she is reminiscent of Lucy Ricardo. One summer day, Michele discovered a tic on her dog. She worked frantically to try to remove the tic, but couldn’t get it out. Those tics are nasty buggers sometimes, as […]

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